Star On A Stool

A Question & Answer session with Chelsea Legend's 'Chivs' & 'Chopper' as they review and muse a lengthy career with Chelsea and England Football Club . Anicdotes and funny jokes come as standard. Tickets £12 ( PRICE includes chilli ). Thursday 18th October, 7pm arrival time.

Half Price Steak Night

We've all been waiting and it's finally back ... HALF PRICE STEAK NIGHT returns every Wednesday from 6pm! #locallysourced #qualitybeef #fillet #rump #sirloin. Don't miss out, contact 01737 246655 to book your table, or make a reservation on our Visit Us page.

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The days, months and years eventually reveal like a Polaroid, a clear picture of how significant events and decisions ultimately shape our lives

Hoda Kotb

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